Big Hero 6

Happy FNAMBC! This Friday's movie is Big Hero 6 the obscure Marvel team created in 1998 and made into a Pixar smash success in 2014! 

This movie doesn't need a review, I know it, you know it, but here we are. I loved this superhero animated movie. In case you did not see this movie yet I will provide a brief summary and spoil it slightly. So, Big Hero 6 takes place in San Fransokyo in the not to distant future and  follows the cast of character (six mostly). The catalyst of the story is Hiro a prodigy who doesn't care about school and thinks he is smart enough already.  This all changes when he decides to apply at his brothers college and tragedy strikes. His brother dies during the science fair and doesn't get to show the world his invention Baymax a medical bot.

Hiro bent on finding the truth teams up with his brother's colleagues and become a super team. Baymax and Fred (TJ Miller) offer some pretty amazing comic relief.  The team become superheroes and defeat the villain. I dont want to tell the whole story because you should watch or watch it again and laugh at this wonderful movie.

Rewatching this movie has only made me love it more, this film made me realize a parallel between creators and superheroes and inspired me to write a whole piece over on The Paper Robots. I was so inspired by the story that wasn't being told directly but made me think and realize why we create. That article will go live August 22. 

Big Hero 6 gets 9 fist bumps out of an invisible sandwich.

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