Podcastage Ep. 69: Politicians on Playgrounds

Greetings and Hello my esteemed colleagues and friends. Today I am releasing episode 69 of podcastage.

Much like you will have to forgive my actions and absurdity on the podcast, you will have to excuse my absurdity on here as well. No matter how tired I was during the recording of the podcast, I am writing up the complementary blog even later. So...apologies.

Anyways, on this episode I discuss my personal routine for overcoming the crippling depression / pessimism that is accompanied with following or reading news with any sort of regularity. It seems that news outlets only pump out a series of negative articles because they know that the worse a story is, the better the ratings will be. Little do the know that there are serious mental health implications of their actions (this statement is completely untested, and a statement made purely on my own mental health). But I have a way of staving off this bad news monkey that's constantly crawling on your back, and I discuss it on this podcast (as well as the VLOG coming out tomorrow).

Next, I talk randomly about something that I forget, and then discuss some more ridiculousness. Politics. Mainly, the absurdity of the political debate process. I don't want to go too deep into my analysis of the process, but go ahead and listen to it and let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below! See you tomorrow and talk to you on Wednesday!