New Demetri Martin Stand Up!

Hello Friends. I know I don't typically post anything on Saturdays, but I have to talk about this and share the news. There's a new Demetri Martin stand up on Netflix. It came out yesterday. Friday, August 14th! 

This is the follow up to his 2012 comedy central special "Standup Comedian". Demetri is at the top of his game...and he has been since forever, so that's no surprise. 

If you don't know who or what a Demetri Martin is, allow me to explain. A Demetri Martin is a juggling poem writer who graduates from Yale, gets a scholarship for Harvard law, but goes to NYU instead, gets bored with law school and drops out to become a stand up comedian. Now that you know what a Demetri Martin is, you know that you want to experience it.

I am just sharing the news that this is out and that you need to watch it now!