Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

It's Friday. That means FNAMBC! Today I thought I would wing it and commit to reviewing a movie prior to watching or reading anything about the film. So that's what I did with Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. 

David Spade is back, and he put the band back together for the sequel to the awesome 2001 film, Joe Dirt. Spade was able to track down Brittany Daniel, Dennis Miller, Adam Beach, and of course...Christopher Walken.  

Unfortunately, having the original cast, doesn't mean that lightning will strike a second time. Overall, the film was watchable, but the story and theme were unoriginal; realize that someone who loves you, doesn't want you to become rich and famous. They love you for you.

I guess I will come right out and say it. On first viewing, I wasn't the biggest fan. It seemed like some business person got their hands on the script and made suggestions to "make it more marketable" ... (they did a "thug life" video reference in the middle of the film!) ... but can't that be said about the majority of films? I can't fault this film for attempting to reach a new generation. I will just say that I was not as big a fan this trip around the Joe Dirt Lot. 

I will cap it off with a summary. If you want 1 hour and 45 minutes of Joe Dirt, than this movie will quench that thirst. It will make you laugh at points, and sigh at others. It is your typical revisitation of a film nearly a decade and a half after the original release. I think that just like the original Joe Dirt, the film will be funnier, more enjoyable and more quotable the second time around. So I plan on watching it again. However, I am just one person with one opinion. All I will tell you with any amount of certainty is that you should watch it for yourself and draw your own conclusions about it!!! Oh, and best of all. It's free! Just head over to and watch it to your hearts content...

And remember. Life's a garden. Dig it.