Podcastage Ep. 68: Children's Genitals & Children's Toys

Hey everyone. On this episode I get serious again. I talk a bit more about societal expectations on each other to perpetuate the idea of bliss. I also discuss my theory on motivations behind certain (seemingly kind) actions. Then I discuss the announcement by Target, stating that they will be removing gender labels on their toy Aisles. Well, I guess I discuss the reactions to this announcement. 

I find it absurd that anyone thinks that the the removal of a sign will do anything other than allow children to feel more comfortable expressing themselves how they truly feel; or play with a toy that they just find to be more fun. The fact that certain groups of people are offended by this notion, just goes to show that just like Race, there is still a long way to go with Gender Equality, especially shaming those who fall outside those predefined social constructs of appropriate sexual identities. End rant. Enjoy the podcast.