Zoom iQ6 Review / Test / Comparison

Hey Y'all. I'm back with another product test video for you guys. Actually more of a review & comparison video. Today I am talking about the Zoom iQ6, which is a 90-degree XY microphone for your freakin' iPHONE! That's right you heard me, a high quality Zoom mic for your damn iPhone!

Do you want to know what's even crazier than the idea of making a high quality mic for your iPhone? Succeeding and making a damn good mic that you can plug directly into your iPhone. Have I told you that this is a mic for your iPhone?

Okay, so this mic sounds amazing, it's convenient, and has a lot of great features. However, I have one main issue with this. THERE'S NO PASSTHROUGH TO CHARGE OUR DAMN PHONE! So while you're using a mic in the lightning adapter of your phone, and eating up your battery, you can't charge your phone. That seems like one of the hugest oversights of this design! If you're buying a mic like this to record an audio podcast that will last an hour or a few hours, I don't recommend this mic at all because chances are, you will have to stop recording and charge it, or just constantly check the battery on the phone! STUPID!

Another issue I have with this device arises if your'e recording for video. If you record long videos and use this to record the audio, you will most likely run into syncing issues. This is due to the internal clock on the iPhone being slightly different than the internal clock on your camera or computer. You can fix that issue in post, but that's just a nightmare. 

This would be a great mic to plug into your iPhone and record a VLOG right on your iPhone but there's another problem. The mics point straight down, out of the lightning port. You are unable to manipulate them (which they did resolve in the Mid-side version of this mic, the iQ7) and therefore if you're trying improve the audio of your iPhone's video, this model is not the solution.

To be honest, this version of the mic does not seem to serve many purposes. You can't record long audio podcasts. You will run into issues if you record audio for long videos on this. And you can't use it to improve the audio for iPhone video's for a VLOG. I can't necessarily recommend this model, but the iQ7 seems like a GREAT option! It is a mid-side mic formation which I like better anyways. Maybe I can get Zoom to send me a test unit! I doubt it.

Zoom iQ6: http://amzn.to/1KED9TT
Zoom iQ7: http://amzn.to/1NK3Kx6