It's Friday and that means FNAMBC (Friday Night Action Movie Book Club). Today I'm talking about a film called Unfriended. It is available on iTunes for $14.99 and it's a fun movie.  

In this film, we follow a group of friends who are on Skype one night and a random person keeps crashing their chat room. They can't get rid of the person, but they slowly realize (or at least imagine) that it is a fellow student who had committed suicide a year before. The reason the student took her own life was cyber bullying. 

First off. This film is in no way original or innovative. The only thing that could be considered partially ground breaking is that the entire thing takes place online on skype. I know you're thinking that sounds ridiculously boring, but they did a really good job and I found it very engaging...This could be telling us something deep down. Maybe it's telling us that we are far too comfortable with being on a computer. That we can watch a simulated computer screen for an hour and twenty minutes and be okay with it. Or maybe I'm just over analyzing it.

Second. The film really is trying to convey a good message. They are trying to stop cyber bullying, and hopefully along the way that will stop bullying IRL as well. They stray off the path and I think at points the message may get lost, but over all it's a good message, and I'll support almost any film that does try to help the perpetually bullied. 

Third. It was just a fun hour and twenty minutes. I didn't develop feelings for any characters. I didn't necessarily see any personal growth from any characters, but I was entertained for the time I was watching and if you are looking for something to entertain you for an hour and a half, this will do just that. Just keep your expectations low and eat some popcorn.