Reading Rainbow Returns

GUYS! OH MY GOD! Reading Rainbow is coming back! ON Netflix! IN ONE DAY! August 1st, 2015! There is also a bunch of awesome stuff over at that you need to check out.

I can't tell you that this iteration of RR will be as amazing as when I was a kid, but I can tell you that I am going to watch it for one reason. Levar Burton once got me excited to read awesome books, and if Levar wants to make the next generation excited about reading and get them into the library, then I will support the heck out of it and watch every episode so they will make more. Maybe during this series, I can learn how to fix my issue of run on sentences.

And now here's a video of one of the awesome feature's that is available on the Reading Rainbow. If only Levar would read me Game of Thrones...LEVAR! PLEASE DO THIS!