Jurassic World

Hey Podcastage, Logan here again with another movie review.

Grrr, Rawr and that clicking sound the raptors make, Im here for Jurassic World

In talking about this movie I will say it now, SPOILERS. Okay, years later in this universe, Jurassic Park is now Jurassic World, and people still love dinosaurs (who doesn't). But the park needs to grow and scientists still feel the need to play GOD.  They end up splicing together a bunch of dinosaurs into some new creation. This new monster dinosaur, known as Imperius Rex, escapes along with a bunch of other dinos and this is not good for the people trapped on the island. It means we have to say goodbye to a lot of the characters in this movie who hadn't been developed, which is a lot.

My first gripe of the film, lack of development in its characters. Vincent D'Onofrio is an over the top bad guy who wants to weaponize the raptors. Chris Pratt is a Kurt Russell-esque character in this movie and can get away with most of his cheesy lines. The rest of the cast suffers from either lack of screen time or weak dialogue. The kids are a prop for danger (even though everyone is in danger) and they don't get to shine as kids in this place. The big bad militant villain is more justified than Hugh Jackman in Chappie, but it still seems a bit ridiculous. I was just let down by the lack of character development.

Alright enough of the bad. Jurassic World is a spectacle. Much like the youngest kid in the film I was stunned at how the dinosaurs looked and how it felt like a real park. I wanted to be there until the whole shit hitting the fan part. Also, the acting is good even with weak dialogue. Everyone does a great job. Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus are funny, and Bryce Dallas Howard was stiff at the beginning but still nails it by the end.

I had a fun time watching this movie. It's a great popcorn flick on the surface and a slight jab at the current climate of the movie industry today. Bandrew mentioned it on episode 56 of Podcastage, but Ill summarize it again. The director, Colin Trevorrow, recently spoke about working on this film.  It turns out that Jurassic World was almost Jurassic Park 4. There were many versions and rewrites, and yes, one version included humanoid dinos and Raptors with laser beams. Okay, so Colin Trevorrow decides to work on the film and makes it a reflection of how "we" make movies. We reboot and turn everything up to 11 when it comes to sequels. This is reflected in the film by making a park that is bigger, and making dinosaurs that are bigger, with more teeth (they mention that in the movie). Over all, Jurassic World does a great job at being fun and winking to those who notice.

Chris Pratt + Dinosaurs fighting = really good time!

I give it, 8 Velociraptors on a T-rex Back out of 10.