Samson USB Go Mic Test / Review

Tuesday Mic Review time again. I know I am going to regret saying this because I'm sure that tomorrow I will void this statement, but this is my favorite USB mic that I've found that is under $50. This thing runs $40 on amazon and it is pretty cool.

The first thing I noticed is that it has a very sturdy build (or at least it seems that way). Unlike the majority of USB mics in this price range, it is has a metal body construction and has some heft to it. Every other USB mic I've tested in this range feels like a piece of garbage that will break after one use. This one. The exact opposite.

Another thing that sets this mic aside from other USB mics in this range is the ability to switch between polar patterns. This has a Cardiod Pattern and an Omni-Directional pattern. You do lose out on a little bit of the frequency response when using the Cardiod pattern, but it does not sound hollow or tinny like other mics I've tested out.

Lastly the sound quality. It is surprisingly good. That's really all I can say. I mistakenly used the omni directional setting the entire video and I was pleasantly surprised with how good the audio sounded. I should also note that this mic does have a headphone jack for monitoring. Basically this usb mic will become your audio interface.

One feature that I would have liked to see on this mic is a gain control. With the current build, you have to go into your system preferences and adjust your mics gain that way. That's not the hugest deal, and it really is me picking nits. I really like t microphone and if you're looking for a USB mic under $50, I'll recommend this guy! 

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