Podcastage Ep. 61: What is Fame?

Hey everyone. Ep. 61 is up and live and ready for your listening. This one is a little bit different than the typical episodes. I did a lot more thought than I typically do before episodes. I had to come up with some valid ideas to explain what I think fame is. I think it turned out pretty well, however, I understand that it is a lot different from previous episodes, so I would appreciate your feedback and thoughts on if you like it or hate it. Also I would not like your feedback on that run on sentence.

Anyways, I talk about another experience where I hang out with my friends in Eyes Set to Kill (spoiler: this time was a lot more fun for me). I then explore what fame means to us and what it takes to be famous and try to find a reason why we even believe in fame and place that ideal on other people. I think it's a good episode and I hope you guys like it too! Thanks for listening...And enjoy the video of the show my friends played up above.