Podcastage Ep. 59: Support Your Local Artists

On this episode, I go on a rant about the lack of support shown within in local scenes / industries. In order for any small artists or creators to grow, they need your support.

<rant>If you have a friend of family member doing something that you think is valuable, funny, or enjoyable, support them. Don't just support them by writing a quick facebook post. Tell friends to their face if it's relevant to the conversation you're having.

Think about how you discovered bands that you liked before the internet. One of your friends would say "YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT SET YOUR GOALS! THEY'RE AMAZING! IT'S LIKE NEW FOUND GLORY BUT MORE ENERGETIC!"...this method still holds true. Word of mouth seems to still be the best promotional tool. I have tried many, many, many paid promotional tools online and very few have provided any sort of actual long term benefit. So please if you like your friends comic, band, podcast, movie, tell a friend about it. Spread the word! Support them! </rant>