Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All

The title of this weeks Friday Night Action Movie Bookclub may seem familiar to you. If it does, it's because I named my podcast after this band. Descendents is one of my favorite bands, and has been from the first time I heard them in middle school. I somehow came across their album Everything Sucks and my mind was blown. I found myself asking "how can these songs be so catchy yet so technical at the same time?" This is a question I had asked myself only a year earlier about 'Rush'...right before a kid hit me in the stomach and called me an queer for liking Rush. I stopped listening to Rush because my stomach hurt, but in turn I found Descendents. Years later I have rediscovered Rush, and I have avoided getting punched in the gut for my musical taste by anyone except my ex. But I digress...

All I can say about this film is that if you like pop punk and have not listened to the Descendents, or you know nothing about them, you HAVE to watch this film. It takes you through the entire history of this band and how they shaped the genre that allowed bands like Green Day & Blink 182 to get famous. The impact that this band had on the entire punk scene is simply jaw dropping.

What's more amazing that what this band has done is what the individual members of the band have gone through and accomplished. I won't ruin anything because the narrative in this doc is beautiful, but I will give you one teaser. Their singer Milo, quit the band in the 80's to go become a scientist. Then came back and started recording and touring again. Now, Milo Aukerman (not related to Scott Aukerman. I know because I embarassingly brought it up to him and he told me that I was a stupid idiot for thinking they could possibly have any relation, and then he slapped me) is a Doctor of Biology and sings in a punk rock band and works for DuPont. This band were the first group that made it okay, or and dare I say it, cool to be a nerd. 

If you still need me to sell you on this film, I will steal a quote from a gentleman from pennywise..."This is the best rocumentary I have ever seen". And that's the truth! That's all I can say about it! Go watch it now! NOW! Watch it ALL...NO! ALL! (I hope someone got this reference),

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