You guessed it. It's Friday, and that means it's time for another installment of Friday Night Action Move Bookclub. This week, I'm telling you about Ascension...a TV show.

SyFy has done it again. Made a show that we absolutely love. Then cancelled it. Good work by the execs there. They clearly don't understand the landscape of media consumption now-a-days. The SyFy fan base has cut the cord and no longer has cable, so they need to focus on creating original content to be distributed digitally!

Anyways, lets get into the show/miniseries. This miniseries follows a crew of civilians that are on an interstellar trip to our nearest star Alpha Centauri. We start following their story 50 years into this journey, during the 2nd/3rd generations life. All I can say without giving anything away is that there are twists, murders, and everything you want to see happen in a confined space...just like Battlestar Galactica...and speaking of BSG. This show has Tricia Helfer! Are you sold yet? Maybe not, but blame that on my sales tactics and not on the show.

Let me try to sell you on it again. The story is good, the few FX that there are, look great, and the acting is good. This is not your typical SyFy show with horrible graphics, horrible acting, and a horrible story. This is the exact opposite. Do you remember how SyFy released BSG as a mini-series and it did so well that they turned it into one of the greatest television series ever created? Well, maybe we can do that with this mini-series. One last piece of advice and I'll let you go. Watch through the first episode all the way. I'm pretty sure you're going to love it. Now go forth and enjoy.

Note: You can watch it on Netflix.