Cloudlifter Mic Activator Review

As I say in the video, this is a very specific review. It will most likely only benefit you if you are in the audio industry, wether it be podcasting, or audio engineering for a professional studio. This device is not cheap, but it may help take your audio quality to the next level. 

You may be asking yourself "Why would I pay $150 for a tiny blue box". That is a valid question and I found myself asking that very same question. Then I finally understood the benefit of this device. What it does is it takes the low output signal of your Dynamic microphone and boosts the signal by +25db. It does this by utilizing your pre-amps phantom power and with some crazy algorithm accomplishes an insane signal boost. I don't know. the mechanics of it. I'm not engineer. All I know is it works incredibly well on the SM7B.

The coolest thing that this is capable of, is the fact that you can use it with your ribbon microphone to boost the signal. If you've ever worked in a studio that uses ribbon mics, you know that phantom power will destroy that thing. This magical blue box does not allow any power through to the microphone so you can safely use this with your $2000 cloud ribbon mic!

I know that this product is not for the majority of my listeners / viewers / readers, but to those who do work in audio, this solves that age-old problem, of low signal output! It is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who is using a dynamic mic like the SM7B!

Cloudlifter CL-1:

Cloudlifter CL-2:

Cloudlifter CL-4: