Chappie (2015)

There are two films that I have seen recently that really captured my imagination and made me want to watch them immediately after the credits finished rolling. The first one is that awesome new film Ex Machina, and the other one is Chappie! Today I will be telling you to watch Chappie as soon as you finish reading this.

I will just start this review by telling you that this film was written by Neil Blomkamp; The gentleman who brought us District 9. I will also just tell you that I adored the film. After reading the reviews of many critics, they state that this film is nothing more than a bunch of ideas thrown together unsuccessfully. I could not disagree more. I think that in order for the film to show the affect that this artificial intelligence has on society, they need to explore as many facets of society as possible. That's what Neil Blomkamp did! Through different characters we get to experience people who either love, fear, or want to exploit this new being.

This film follows Chappie, a police robot that is reprogrammed with A.I. and thrown into a world that doesn't understand him, or want to learn to understand him. Simply put, society fears him, so they want to destroy him. I think that in that sense, this film is incredibly relatable. All in all, I think the writing, directing, and acting was on point and created a believable film.

When it comes down to it, I think people's main issue with this film is that it's not district 9. You won't walk out of Chappie immediately thinking "Wow. That was an apparent social commentary about post-apartheid South Africa", like you did with District 9.  I think that if you want to look to this film for social commentary about race, class, etc, you will find it. You just need to look a bit deeper.

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