What We Do in the Shadows

Imagine that you're watching Shaun of the Dead. Now imagine that it's not a zombie film, it's a vampire film. Now imagine it wasn't made by the folks who brought you the genius TV show Spaced, but was brought to you by the folks who brought you the genius TV show Flight of the Conchords. Okay, now you can understand what it would be like to watch my "Friday Night Action Movie Book Club" selection this week: What We Do in the Shadows.

The film is a mockumentary where a doc film crew follows around 3 vampires who live together in a flat in New Zealand... and... shit. I honestly don't know how to describe the film, and even if I did know how, I wouldn't. This is one of those films that you will just have to take my word on and watch. Then you can thank me later. All I can say is that this film has made it into my top list of Horror Comedy after one viewing. I have purchased it on iTunes and I will be watching it again and again. Just watch the damn trailer and enjoy!!!

Buy it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1JXV9YK