Subscription Boxes - Loot Crate Edition

I will be the first to admit, I am no Subscription Box connoisseur, and I am no early adopter of this new trend. I will also be the first to admit that I have a slight addiction to these periodical boxes, or as I like to call them Glory Filled Happy Receptacles. I just thought I would write a quick review for the boxes that I have been receiving. The first box that I will discuss is...

Loot Crate

Cost: $20/month
Category: Geek/Gaming

Analysis: Loot crate is the first sub box that I located and tried out. The idea of receiving random geeky gifts from people who seem to understand the stuff I love resonated with me like the that gift to scan and explode peoples brains, but I digress. I signed up immediately because I had to try it out and $20/month is something I can handle.

I was counting down the days until I received my first box and when I got it I was not too disappointed. Lets be honest for a second, for $20 a month, you can't expect everything to be a homerun and they simply aren't. This boxes theme was Villains and it came with a Joki (Loki & Joker Mashup) T-shirt, a Joker poster, Rocket Raccoon Comic, Deadpool Socks, Darth Vader Keychain, Necessary Evil DVD, and a Bowser Magnet. Of these items, the only things I was truly excited for were the Comic (which I unfortunately had already purchased and read, but this was a variant, so I was okay receiving a duplicate story), the socks (which I have never worn), the DVD (which I had already bought on DVD), and the Magnet. Of these four items, I only used the magnet because you can never have enough magnets on your Fridge.

Fast forward until now, I have received 7 boxes, and there aren't any that have had all perfect items. In fact there have been quite a few boxes that have been complete bombs, very much like the green lantern film, but I am not going to give up on Loot Crate Just Yet. I feel like there is going to be some glorious crate in the coming months.

Consensus: If you have $20 a month to spare, it is a fun thing to get, but if $20 is something that you don't have room for in your budget, I wouldn't recommend spending the money unless there's a certain box that screams out to you. I should also let you know that once every few months they do have sales of previous boxes, so if there are any left over, you can purchase a crate that has stuff you know you will like.