What's in the Box: May 2015 Nerd Block Unboxing

So here we are again. Another box. Another unboxing. Another question of "what the fuck is in the box!?" ... The answer hopefully is not my dead wife's se7ered head. See what I did? That was good.

Anyways, here is the video unboxing the May Nerdblock. The theme was 80s and this may be my favorite nerd block to date. There weren't many items but the items were all tight. You got "Tough Shit" by Kevin Smoth, and Ecto-1 collectible from ghostbusters, a Back to the Future shirt, a Pacman Mug and some cosplay cards that I mistook for a game. In reality the cards are a series of pretty ladies who are famous cosplayers. 

All around a great box and I think they should continue down this path. Fewer items, higher quality.