Hi - I'm Pete

Hey Y'all my name is Pete and I'll be writing some posts for the podcastage website. I feel kinda weird about doing this, mostly because I'm writing this right after getting my ass handed to me by that quelaag spider witch queen thing from dark souls (future post), but also because I've never actually done this before. I've known Bandrew (not his real name) for quite a while and was really excited when he offered me the chance to write for you. I’m hoping to use this to have a creative outlet and get a bit better at writing.

A little about me: I’m from California and have done the most Californian thing and moved to Portland. I’m a man of the desert and have spent most of my adult life living in the awful hellscape that is the Sonoran Desert.  In Portland I have a real job with a big company where I am an excel wizard (possible future post about excel sorcery) and actually kinda like it.  In my free time I like bowling, playing basketball, complaining about the NBA, reading sci-fi books, and playing guitar.

What you can expect from me: I’ll write about stuff that I find fun, and hopefully what you find fun too. I’ve got a lot of great ideas for the future, and hopefully we’ll be able to share some laughs. Welcome to Podcastage, and hope to see you soon.