I am back again with my second instillation of Subscription Box Showdown...okay, that's not what I am calling it because after typing that I felt dirty. I feel like I need to shower and maybe start drinking again. That was just bad. Anyways, this time I will be talking about a box that is put out by Nerd Block...The box is:

Horror Block

Cost: $30/month
Category: Horror/Blood/Death

Do you love The Walking Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, & Aliens you sick bastard? Me too! Those are just some of the franchises that horror block has teamed up with to provide their monthly geek filled blood box of evil. It sounds so tight, and too good to be true, and so far, to put it bluntly, it is.

To be fair, I have only received two of these boxes, and every sub box has a few off months. But for the extra $10, I would be expecting a bit more bang for my buck. I will say that I am always excited to get these, it's just that sometimes there's only one or two good items, and it seems like a waste of $30 to me.

I believe one of the selling points of this box, along with Arcade Block & Nerd Block is that it comes with a shirt every month. That sounds great until you find that you have 9 new shirts (if you subscribed to all three of Nerd Blocks sub boxes) that you most likely won't ever wear. Who the hell needs that many shirts? I'll tell you! Homeless people. Just kidding. I want to be clear though. I am not bashing Horror Block on the quality or design of the shirts they are including. I just don't think that the subject of the shirts is for me. 

This box has so much potential but just sometimes falls short. That opinion could just be because I am not the horror fan that I once was, or that they have had a few off months, but I don't know. I don't work there. All I can say is that this box isn't for me. Now, if you are a huge horror fan, I would say give it a shot because this may be your new favorite box out there, but probably only if you are a DIE HARD horror fan! Before you subscribe, make sure you check out their previous boxes to see if it is anything you would be interested in. Okay, I'm done. 

PS: I have included my last two unboxing videos so you can see what I got.