Recommended Youtube: Veritasium - Facebook Fraud

So once again, I am back with another new feature that I want to start doing on the reg. I need to get that grind going, you feel me?

Anyways, I want to recommend a youtube channel or video that I think everyone needs to watch. Now the reason I want to do this is because there are topics that I would LOVE to discuss, but someone else has done it already, and done it 100 time better than I possibly could. 

I'm going to start with a video from a channel I want to feature in the future which will provide a perfect example of the kind of information I want to share with you folks. This is a video from a channel I follow entitled Veritasium. In this video Derek Muller, the founder of Veritasium, discusses the benefits, or lack there of, in advertising on facebook. As someone who has utilized this feature on Facebook and found a horrendous lack of results, this video has finally shed light on the issue! It turns out that Artificial follows exist on facebook and FB is doing NOTHING to stop this. It boils down to the fact that they can charge you twice, first to gain more likes and then a second time to distribute your content to those new followers! Rather than trying to paraphrase something that was said flawlessly, I will let Derek tell you what the hell is going, but before I go, I just need to say...Fuckin' Facebook!