March 2015 Arcade Block Unboxing

I'm back just a few days later with another unboxing video. This is for the March 2015 Arcade Block. This box was much better than it's counterpart the March Horror Block. It came with 2 t-shirts (A far cry shirt and a random shirt) from Shirt Punch

The real treat inside this box was a Ryu keychain LED light that exclaims "Hadouken" with such ferocity that you feel as though you have transported to the streets for a fight with you disappointing Blonde counterpart Ken.

They also included a copy of Batman Arkham Knight #1 which is one of the last things I need...more comics. But it's still pretty cool. The most useful item in this box was a "Note Boy Sticky Notepad" which is a small notebook that is made to look like a gameboy but contains multiple sizes of post it notes. To be honest, the fact that the item I am most excited about is nothing more than a clever way of storing post it notes has left me truly depressed.

All in all it was a decent box but nothing that makes me want for next months arcade block. Perhaps next months will be better.