March 2015 Horror Block Unboxing

This is my first blog post on this page and it's not really even going to be a blog post as it is an unboxing video. I suppose I will write about the unboxing though. I got into this type of video the moment I discovered subscription boxes and I have not been able to get enough of them. I don't really watch them to see what's in the boxes, but more so to find new boxes that seem like something I would like.

I have had my fair share of shitty boxes, but I have also had boxes where I love absolutely everything in them. This box is somewhere in between good and bad. The March Horror Block had a few items that were pretty cool, but nothing worth writing home about. As this is my second box and the first one was barely better than bad, I'm thinking that once my subscription ends, I will not renew it. 

I can't in good conscience say to not order this box. All I can say is if you are me, do not order this box. If you are a die hard horror fan, consider picking this subscription up. Go to their site: and look at their past boxes. That's all I can and will say. Until next time.