Superhero Sunday: Dr. Strange

Open your third eye as we dive into this magical edition of Superhero Sunday with Dr.Strange. 

The History

Created in 1963 by none other than the magical mind of Steve Ditko and first appearing in Strange Tales #110. Ditko brought a five page story to Stan Lee for a new, different, and magic character. Stan Lee liked the idea enough to give it a shot and Dr. Strange would have reoccurring issues in Strange Tales before joining other books and getting his own title. Ditko would go on to make some of his most interesting and surrealist works with Dr. Strange.

The Character

Stephen Vincent Strange was an egotistical neurosurgeon turned to superhero and Sorcerer Supreme of the mystic arts. As a doctor Stephen was cold and cared little for his patients or anyone. He was egotistical because he was a brilliant doctor but also a real dick. His life was going to change drastically and ultimately to becoming the hero he is today. Stephen Strange gets in a sever car accident and damages the nerves in his hands, this would mean he could no longer be the neurosurgeon he once was. But Stephen was too vain to admit anything and became desperate to find a way to heal his hands and continue being a doctor. After exhausting all traditional options, Strange heard about an, "Ancient One" and journeyed to find him. 

Once discovering a Tibetan Palace where the ancient once rested he asked to have his hands cured to which the Ancient One rejected and countered with teachings in mysticism. Strange denied the teachings but was trapped on the mountain due to a blizzard. While trapped Stephen would see Baron Mordo the Ancient One's apprentice. Baron saw an opportunity to attack his teacher and become the new successor to Sorcerer Supreme but in the mystic battle the Acient One won. After witnessing this magic Stephen agreed to be trained and Baron Mordo was rejected (this would later make Baron the rival to Stephen).  Under the tutelage of the Ancient One Stephen Strange became a great mystic. 

Strange would learn of all the mystic realms and black magic in oder to one day be the successor of the Ancient One. Strange's power included ageless life and magic manipulation. He later received a sidekick and trained in meditation to achieve astral projection and became Sorcerer Supreme when the Ancient One fell.

Dr. Strange moved back to New York and would defend earth against the mystic realms. This would put him in touch with the other heroes, ultimately joining a team known as "The Defenders". He also gained a solo title and would continue to grow in ?the Marvel Universe. 

Why this hero?

Dr. Strange has a far longer history than what has been written here but I honestly didn't read Dr. Strange until much later in his career. I think that's one thing I love about the rich history of superheroes, you can discover them and go back to read more and keep finding stories to read and explore. Dr. Strange became one of my favorite characters during "Civil War" (FYI: civil war is my favorite event and the post civil war books). While the two side of the marvel universe are spilt, it is Dr. Strange that offers refuge to a team of heroes who form a rebellion known as "The New Avengers." I really liked the writing of Strange and friends by Brian Michel Bendis. This was when I wanted to learn more about Dr. Strange and characters like Iron Fist. Basically magic is cool and I thought Dr. Strange was this unique guy that I wanted to know more about.

So, what would I recommend as a good jumping on point? There are huge collections of "Strange Tales" of Dr.Strange book but I have a few I really enjoyed.

Recommended Reading: