Logitech G230 Gaming Headset Review / Test

It's time for another gaming headset review. This time I am testing out the Logitech G230 Gaming Headset. If you are interested in this gaming headset, it runs approximately $65 on Amazon. 

What's In the Box 

  1. Wired Gaming Headset
  2. Documentation

Performance / Features

The build quality on this headset is a huge letdown. The plastic all over the headphones feels cheap, and the hinges feel weak like they will break. The foam on the headband is a bit too firm, but not uncomfortable, and the padding on the ear cups is a much softer foam, but still a little too firm for my liking. However, the headphones were not uncomfortable, I am just being overly critical.

The cable is braided which is always a good thing. It makes me feel like the cable will survive longer. On top of that, the cable is 10 feet long. The cable also contains a small control module that allows you to mute the microphone and adjust the headphone's volume. The control panel has a clip on the back so you can clip it to your shirt as well.

The headphone drivers are 40mm and are advertised as 20Hz to 20kHz. When I tested them, they performed pretty close to that. I started hearing noise around 20Hz in the low end, and in the high end, I heard audio just above 19.5kHz. 

The microphone performed pretty well for a gaming headset. It is a cardioid uni-directional microphone and it lists a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz (which I don't fully trust). The microphone also mentions that it is noise canceling to help eliminate excess noises.  


  • Good Sounding Microphone
  • Good Noise Cancellation on Microphone
  • Nice Sounding Headphones
  • Braided 10 ft. Cable


  • Poor Construction
  • Padding is made of overly Firm Foam. 


I think that this is a pretty decent option for a gaming headset. The headphones perform admirably. They provide some of the best frequency response that I have heard in a cheap headset. The microphone is also a very nice feature on this headset. The audio does not sound muffled or digitized like the majority of low end gaming headset microphones. The mic provides fairly natural sound even though it does sound like it lacks some frequencies from it's response.

If you are looking for a headset around $65 that will allow you to walk 10 feet, this is a good option, but if this is out of your price range make sure to check out my other gaming headset reviews. If you have any additional questions about this headset, leave them in the comments on this site or on the youtube channel, and I will try to reply ASAP. 

Buy it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1QV7PSv