Do You Even Comic: Nowhere Men

Do you even science on this edition of Do You even Comics: "Nowhere Men." This Image title, created by writer Eric Stephenson and artist Nate Bellegarde, first debuted back in 2012 for a single issue run. Fun fact, the book's name comes from the Beatles song "Nowhere Man," also the name is inspired by the fact that things seemingly come out of nowhere for the scientists in this story.

The Story

Dade Ellis, Simon Grimshaw, Emerson Strange and Thomas Walker are to science as what the Beatles were to music. In this universe "science is the new Rock'n'Roll." These scientist started on a journey that would culturally change and influence science for years to come. The story starts long after the four have gone there separate ways but while they were together they made "World Corp", and as Eric Stephenson put it," What if Apple and Microsoft weren't rivals but teammates." The group splits because of make a decision on a disaster in their R and D department. From this point the story weaves in a group of young astronauts infected with a strange virus on a space station created by WorldCorp.

The virus is infecting and affecting the crew in weird ways that transforms them, leaving the team desperately trying to get home. This story only begins as it comes to an end in its six issue run, Questions are asked and not answered. The book is a mystery worth reading.

Why this Book?

I discovered this book because of the covers, yes the art drew me in but can you blame me? I would wander into the comic shop pick up my books and see these covers by Nate Bellegarde and Jordie Belleaire and would pause to stare at them. Finally one day after the collected trade came out I picked up the book and was like "What!? Science is the new Rock'n'Roll? I gotta get this book." The colors by Jordie (Pretty Deadly and Zero) are so fantastic and eye catching I love the pallet he works with, it makes everything click as the story jumps between two time periods. I also love the art and aesthetics of the book, how its broken into articles and graphs mixed with traditional all works. Lastly the "mutations/creatures" are so original looking and intriguing. All these puzzle pieces led me to this book. My only complaint is that it just ends without a resolution.

The ending made me so upset that I went to the internet back in 2013 and I read an article about the story continuing in 2014. I was excited only to have those hopes let down because the book was not renewed. That is until now, 2016, the book and team are back to continue the series. Spoilers! Sina Grace is in it well his appearance. I am very happy to see this book return and do a second six issue arc. If you want to check it out click below to get volume one.

If this sounded like a book for you then get it here:

Book:Nowhere Men Vol. 1