Do You Even Comic: Criminal

Let's look at the dark and gritty underbelly of humans in this month's Do You Even Comic: Criminal (series) created by the masters of noir Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips.

The Story

The series follows self-contained story arcs in the same world with minor overlaps. The stories follow two generations of crime that can't escape the consequnces of their histories. Center City is the main foucus with a common bar that is frequented. The character driven series is all about dealing with the actions and situations that each person has been put into.  Each volume is different with its only main foucs and main problems but each is also a fantastic read that build a work of crime fiction that only Ed Brubaker can do.

Why this Book?

Why? Ed Brubaker, and Sean Philips that's why. But also the series was given to me by my brother after I read and was reading Captian America by Ed Brubaker. His run is famous for bringing back Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soilder. His run also had this tone and aesthetic that wasn't in the Capt. books before and it put real consequences into the comic. Anyway that got me into his noir and other writing and I havent stopped reading his work since.

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