Superhero Sunday: Dick Grayson

Hello and welcome to this month's Superhero Sunday. This month is Dick Grayson a character that we have all seen evolve and change over the years, starting as a sidekick to becoming a solo superhero himself as Nightwing.

The History

Let's starts with the facts created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson in April 1940, first appearance " Detective Comics No. 38.

The Character

Dick Grayson was the youngest in his acrobatic family that travelled in a performing act known as," The Flying Graysons." After one of the performances, Dick witnesses his family die by the hands of a mafia boss who was extorting the,"Haly's" circus. Bruce Wayne (Batman), unable to stop the events, decides to take Dick Grayson in as a legal ward.

During this time Dick becomes Robin and his acrobatic skills lend well to being the sidekick of Batman. They fought side by side for many years, but Dick grew up and the DC universe expanded. Dick decides he must forge his own path and become a hero himself as Nightwing. Dick as Nightwing moves to Bluhaven, leads the Teen Titans and has many solo adventures. If you flash forward to DC's "New 52" Dick Grayson becomes a spy under his own name and currently has a solo series.

Why this hero?

But I want to back up and explain what a huge impact Dick Grayson the character has on the comic world. Let me spoil a few things and hopefully encourage you to read some great stories. Dick Grayson starts as Batman's sidekick then grows up. Growing up isn't something that is done often in comics (Spiderman another example), most characters stay them same age over the decades, but DC pushed Dick Grayson and the medium of comics forward, by having Dick become the hero, Nightwing. Next during one of my personal favorite story lines (Final Crisis/Batman RIP)  involving the Bat-Family, Dick Grayson must pick up the mantle of Batman and protect the city while training Bruce Wayne's son Damian. I love this because it was a huge deal in comics, regarding who is going to be worthy of the Batman mask and responsibility. Dick Grayson was a strong character from the beginning and time has only forged him into a stronger independent leader. 

There are so many great titles to read for Dick Grayson or Nightwing and I suggest them all. But if you can't do that then check out these gems below.

Recommended Reading: