E-Blue Cobra Gaming Headset Review

Today I tested out the E-Blue Professional Gaming Headset which was requested by one of our viewers Mac Cat.

What's in the Box

There was absolutely nothing in this box. It comes with the headphones, and a single 3x4-inch sheet of paper. Half of the paper is the 12-month warranty, the other half of the sheet is the User Guide, which consists of directions like "Plug the headset into your computer". I would be lying if I did not point out how much I love how simple their directions were. However, if you are not technically inclined, and do not know much about computers or computer jacks, this could be a point of contention. On top of this, there was no spec sheet in the box.

Performance / Features

The headphones boast 40mm drivers that reproduce sound from 30Hz - 19KHz (this was determined using frequency sweeps and it is not 100% accurate). The microphone on this is the stand out feature. It sounds great, especially considering that this headset costs only $16. I did notice that at points, there were some pops, but that can be remedied by repositioning the microphone. 


  • The price tag on certain colors of this headset for $15-$16. 
  • The microphones good audio quality
  • The microphone can articulate, making it easier to get good audio)
  • Compatible with Windows & Macs


  • Does not provide full frequency reproduction in the headphones.
  • Not that versatile (you will not be able to use this is too many scenarios)
  • Cheap plastic construction
  • Uncomfortable Ear Cups
  • Non-braided Cable


Overall, I think that this is a great deal if you can find it for $16. If you have a podcast guest that's in another city or state, and does not have access to a good microphone, you can just buy them this headset as well as the USB adapter, and ship it directly to them. It comes out to like $22, and the audio quality will be a huge improvement over their internal computer mic, their webcam mic, or a phone call. 

If you have any questions about this headset, leave them in the comments down below or on youtube and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for watching & reading.

Buy the Headset: http://amzn.to/1kJ9ONy
Buy the Adapter: http://amzn.to/1KBMRk4