Attacked By an English Bull Dog

I know that this is super late. I should have recorded a VLOG before this weekend to put up, but I didn't. Instead, I recorded stuff at the Tucson Comic Con and made a VLOG of that. I will in the future pre-record and schedule the Monday release because trying to import and edit a few hours of footage in a single night into a cohesive video is pretty difficult.

To be honest, I'm still trying new things out on this VLOG and still learning. For instance, I have a few hours of footage, but I wasn't able to create anything that cohesive out of it. Why? Because There was no narrative that considered prior to shooting. For this VLOG, it could have been multiple things. A day in the life of a Panel Organizer. My First Panel. Selling Your First Book @ Comic Con. Cosplayers...artists... there are so many different narratives and stories that could have been explored and developed, but were left there at the convention, un-filmed. 

I suppose that's all we can do. Look back, and learn from our experiences. Now I have an idea of how to approach the next con I film at. I will say, I am pretty proud of the photos I took though.