A Brief History of The Expanse

If you know me, you know I have been anxiously awaiting this TV adaptation since it was first announced! So what better time to share some information about the book and TV series than a few days before it's release!

If you are unaware of the book series, I highly recommend you check it out before this TV series airs, which is in a few days. So you will have about 3 days to read a 500+ page book. That's doable if you drop everything you're doing. It is totally worth it. 

On top of all that. The authors of the book series are from Albuquerque, where I live, which is cool and it makes me want to support this endeavor even more. Well. I hope you enjoy the video, and definitely support the book and the TV series when it launches because if the book is any indicator, this series is going to KICK BUTT!