Why You Should Invest in More Expensive Gear

In this video, I am testing out a new format for the VLOG. Rather than do a bunch of research about a television show, or movie, or band, or landmark, I decided to just talk to you.

It's a bit techy at times, but I think that stuff is fun. I talk about a big lesson that I learned from going to the Santa Fe Comic Con, and that's what's really cool. I have covered to comic conventions, and I have 3 more in my near future that I will be covering. After each con, I learn so much, and the coverage of the next con, will always be improved. Unfortunately, the majority of my improvements from the Portland to Santa Fe Con were rendered moot, since the video footage became useless.

I also hit some big milestones for myself on my other youtube channel, and I wanted to humble brag about those accomplishments.

Anyways, I hope you like this brief digression from the regular vlog style, and if you do, let me know. If you think it's stupid, you should also let me know. But regardless of what you think, I'll be back with another video on Monday.