SFCCC: Santa Fe Comic Con Vlog

Greetings Earthlings. It's important that you know, I intended for this VLOG to be AMAZING, and it was on track to be amazing. However, due to technical difficulties, I have let you down. My lav mic shorted out yielding 95% of my footage useless, as there was no audio. I made the best of it, and thank goodness a few very important clips were not lost.

First important clips were the two clips where I spoke with Rosanna Rocha & Ashe Kai about sexual harassment at conventions, and what con goers and cos players can do to help decrease the frequency that this is occurring. Unfortunately, my talk with Kristi Kai lost it's audio and was un-salvageable. I hope that you take what these professional cosplayers have to say to heart, and will help to make conventions a safer place for people to express their love for their favorite characters.

Secondly, I ran in to Tony Todd after his panel and he introduced me to Brandyn Brady of Rock Against Racism Santa Fe. This is an amazing organization pushing to create communities where people work together and have opportunities, regardless of race. I highly recommend you check out their website, read their mission statement, and support the cause!

I love when you good people work towards good things, and that seems to be what this con was all about. I'm just happy I got to meet such an amazing group of people.