4 Things to Do in Albuquerque

Okay, I'll be honest. This video was just an excuse to do some tests on my old camera with a new lens. I have not used my Samsung NX1000 for video that much and I just got a 45mm lens on this camera. The main focus was to test out the auto focus on this camera, and as you can tell, it struggles pretty bad at times. I think the solution there will be to use a higher F-Stop and decrease the shutter speed which will make a much larger depth of field. That sucks though, because then I don't have that really pretty depth of field. I'll have to keep testing it out.

As far as just sticking the Zoom H1 on top of the camera in the Hot Shoe, I think it sounded pretty good. It was directional enough to pick up my voice and kept a wide enough angle to pick up ambient noise and keep the audio interesting. Well that will do it for this video. Hope you enjoyed it. See you on Thursday!